03 agosto 2006


  • Days of war, time for pain,
  • poor dead children, they can’t complain.
  • The men of terror are rockets throwin’,
  • an’ war planes answer with carpet bombin’.

  • The fightin’ sides tell they’re both right,
  • they blame each other, no peace in sight.
  • Our useless talks won’t persuade,
  • the end of war just seems to fade.

  • Time goes on, things don’t change,
  • the word I hear? Just one: revenge!
  • The rich men dwellin’ across the ocean?
  • They watch and wait for more…distruction.

  • So people’s starvin’, all skin and bones
  • the world’s attendin’ makin’ war loans.
  • Now a free nation it’s in a rage
  • Yeah, they’ve been trapped, mice in the cage.

  • They count each hour with a sure blast
  • and nobody knows how long it’ll last.
  • Many crossed talks, they wrote some files
  • then shook their hands but with fake smiles.

  • As the real reasons remain untold,
  • there bodies lie, all dead and cold.
  • The mothers cry, death all around,
  • young boys and girls rest on the ground.

  • It’s a heavy burden no one can bear,
  • as all our words just took nowhere.
  • They’re deaf and sneer to mournin’ an’ sob
  • and armed with blinkers, they’ll end the "job".

  • But my heart grieves over one question:
  • who’ll avail of this unfair aggression?
  • No matters what or who’s to blame:
  • God, stop the war, their cruel game!

To the innocent people
dead in Lebanon and Israel

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