06 gennaio 2012



Denied Joy, denied life,
you, little baby, fell in a strife.
Nobody wins in this fool fight,
What happened, sure, it's not so right.
Your death will leave a painful trace
as God welcomes you, in all His grace.
Your Joyful life came to an end,
your dad, in heaven, now keeps your hand.
Your mother asks: «Where is my Joy?»
She'd like to give you your favourite toy.
But your young life ended too soon,
now you are playin' with sun & moon.
You, Little China, so far from home,
dead where you're born, the endless Rome.
There's endless pain in the soul-freezing breeze,
forgive us all, Joy, rest in peace.

Alla piccola Joy,nel giorno dell’Epifania 2012

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