11 dicembre 2011




I watch the clock, it’s 3 a.m.,

I stop workin’ hard, how tired I am!

In spite of all, I cannot sleep

and I can’t count not even one sheep.

So I stand by the window,  I watch through the glass,

I’m still thinkin’ of you, Yes, here I confess.

Then I see somethin’ which catches my eye:

I wanna tell you about or at least I try.


There is a dog alone in the night,

he wanders the street, nobody in sight.

When he looks above, up in the sky,

what a wonderful show! he almost cries.

There’s a lot of stars with their shinin’ skin,

they circle around the moon like a queen.

She makes the night clear with her bright face,

wrappin’ up the dog in a friendly embrace.


Now he’s not all alone, in the night deep and wide,

because he has a friend flyin’ high by his side.

She smiles to the dog which is barkin’ loud

and she greets him gently while approachin’ a cloud.

Oh, he felt so happy and he bayed at her this

but it didn’t last long, it was just a short bliss.

She sneaks in and out from the cloud, with a trick,

just like she was playin’ to hide and seek.


But she must take her light to some other land,

so the dog bays his “Hi!” at his travellin’ friend.

Now he’s so sad while she flies far apart,

but he knows she’s so close, ‘cause she warms his heart.

I’m still standin’ here as the light seems to change,

with you in my mind, and I feel really strange.

Because as the day is about to begin,

I feel just like the dog, that keep up his chin .

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