10 marzo 2013


If we were still aroun’ a table,
sittin’ on a pair of chairs,
I like to talk to the girl
who tumbles down the stairs.
But I have to be content
of these poor stains of ink
even if you, from them,
can find out what I think.

When we met you ain't seen me
-it was like you were blind-
I remember I thought:
"You have thoughts in your mind".
Yes, you seemed really nervous
though I laughed and I joked,
yes, you smiled really slightly
and continually you smoked.

Then you sent a message
that I read in the still:
has anyone doubts
about your pro-skills?

Things don't go like expected?
All you have done seems wrong?
Then, you know, it's the time
when you must be strong.
And don't worry if someoane
slams the door in your face,
you have to take on him,
keepin' on with your race.

So, come on, my dear friend,
take a look all aroun':
ev'ryone needs your smile,
you must not be so down.
Your presence brings joy
even when you don't speak,
I've seen your mother's eyes
as she's kissing your cheek.

Yes, it's true, my friend:
'til now I couldn't find
any sweet girl like you,
any person so kind.
Sure, you're so special,
you give prove ev'ry day.
So, don't waste your gifts,
go straight on your way!

Will these lines be helpful
to raise up your mood?
Well, that's all you need
and what I truly would.

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